Blind Faith: Helpful or Harmful to Your Health?

Woman who struggles with blind faith

A new study published this week in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that putting your health in divine hands might, in fact, do more harm than good. It prevents individuals from seeking treatment and taking preventative health measures, including eating a proper diet and quitting smoking, found researchers at the University of Michigan.

While placing blind faith in God’s hands was found to ease anxiety and suffering in the case of dying individuals, the study authors urge religious individuals with treatable health conditions to work together with God to find proper treatment and to make healthful lifestyle choices.

The same University of Michigan study also touts an upswing to spirituality: People who participated in religious activities, including prayer, Bible reading, and worship attendance, were found to have a greater overall life satisfaction. So the answer, perhaps, is to find that happy balance when it comes to your health — between divine control and personal control.

3 Positive Side Effects of Prayer
A regular spiritual practice that includes prayer has been linked to numerous emotional health benefits, including:

• Slowing breathing and brain activity and reducing heart rate and blood pressure, resulting in a new sense of calm and relaxation.

• Lowering stress hormones and promoting a positive psychological response that translates to the rest of the body.

• Increasing happiness. According to a study in Depression and Anxiety, people with major depressive disorder who practice religion daily are more optimistic than their non-religious peers.

How Our Spirituality Program Can Help You
At Providence Treatment, we believe that incorporating spirituality into addiction treatment is critical and aids in sustainable recovery rates. To this end, we encourage our clients to cultivate spiritual practices in their lives through mindfulness, meditation, centering prayer, stillness, divine reading, and more. Call today: (866) 247-3307.

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