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reverse liver damage

Can Liver Damage Be Reversed?

The liver is one of the most essential organs of the body. While many associate the liver with producing bile to enhance digestion, it has ...
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President Biden Recognizes National Recovery Month

President Biden Recognizes National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month In a recent proclamation from the White House, President Biden formally recognized September as National Recovery Month. In this message, ...
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spirituality in addiction treatment

The Importance of Spirituality in Addiction Treatment

Spirituality in addiction treatment is essential to finding a sustainable path to recovery. Everyone has their own unique journey. It takes time to build a ...
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Woman in need of help wondering is addiction a disease

Is Addiction a Disease?

Nobody wakes up one morning and plans to develop a chemical dependency. Similarly, you didn’t start abusing a substance with the understanding that it would ...
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Doctor explains potential treatments for drug abuse

Treatments for Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a challenging dilemma that many Americans face. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old; this problem may ...
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Man exhibiting clear signs of being a functioning alcoholic

What Are the Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic?

Alcohol is one of the most devastating addictions in our country. Yet, it doesn’t always get the proper coverage necessary. Of course, everyone is familiar ...
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Man going through severe cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Made from the leaves of the coca plant in South America, cocaine has been a popular drug choice in the United States for many years. ...
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Man speaks during an intensive outpatient program for mental health

Intensive Outpatient Program for Mental Health

Finding the right type of treatment for substance abuse issues can be difficult. Especially because of the number of programs that are available. Inpatient programs ...
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Young man learns what is trauma therapy

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma can significantly impact your physical and mental health. Witnessing or experiencing violent, fear-inducing, or traumatic events can cause mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic ...
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a counselor answers a woman asking how long does heroin withdrawal last

How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last?

It seems like heroin makes an appearance in the news nearly every day. One reason is because of the increase in how many people use ...
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