Getting reacquainted with a sober living residence this holiday season

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Coming Home for the Holidays: Getting reacquainted with yourself in a sober living residence this holiday season

We know that one of the major effects of excessive alcohol and drug use is the alienation with yourself and with others. Being distanced from one’s own feelings and well-being allows for a lack of awareness of the self-destructive ways of proceeding, which often damages your relationships, particularly with loved ones. This lack of awareness creates a small, stress filled world, which often perceives most things as “happening to you,” and needing to find someone, or something to blame.

Making a commitment to sobriety requires your full attention. When you were using alcohol and drugs, those activities demanded your full attention, especially prioritized over your attention to your marriage, children, work, etc. In early recovery (defined as the first two years), the focus is primarily on the disconnection with the self, the growing awareness of the here-and-now, accountability to yourself and your healthy goals and adhering to a spiritual program of letting go and letting in.

Sober living is an excellent transition period between a rehab stay and returning to your family. There needs to be a period of becoming reacquainted with yourself, before you dive into relations filled with conflicts and disturbing stories with months or years of alcohol and drug use. Sober living gives you and your loved ones the space needed for healing, while learning how to appreciate a fellowship of others working a rigorous program of recovery. You slowly begin to feel “at home” with yourself, making the re-entry experiences to home and work more successful and sustainable. The practices you learn at the sober living residence will assist you throughout the rest of your life, as long as you are committed to your recovery program and a spiritual transformation.

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God bless and have a lovely and meaningful holiday season!

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