Re-Entry Services

Man pleased with his re-entry services

As the alcoholic and drug addict returns to family, work and community there often needs to be, at a minimum, a plan on how the patient returns with dignity and less shame. Once a person participates in a recovery program, they are often more productive, conscientious and dependable, than before they were active in their addiction. However, there still remains a social stigma about alcoholism and drug addiction in our society. The patient may need assistance prior to starting back to work, returning to their family and communities back home.

Some of the re-entry services are:

  • Education seminars to employers and professional colleagues
  • Family/friend network sessions
  • Work scheduling and timeline to help manage stress
  • Connect with re-training agencies in your specific profession, if necessary

Not all patients at Providence Treatment will require these services, but they are available upon request and if your treatment team feels it may be necessary.

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