What Are Professional Health Monitoring Programs?

Man learns what are professional health monitoring programs

No one is immune from the risks of addiction. Whether you’re a business executive, a pilot or a medical professional, you can still struggle with substance abuse. However, what are professional health monitoring programs? In short, they are a solution that can help get professionals back on track and maintain their sobriety.

What are Professional Health Monitoring Programs?

Man wondering what are professional health monitoring programs?Licensed professionals in a number of fields have to be healthy to excel in their careers. Plus, they need to be practicing safely. If professionals are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, then the appropriate treatment is necessary from both medical and safety standpoints.

There are great recovery options in the state of Pennsylvania for professionals who find themselves in this situation. First is the Voluntary Recovery Program, or VRP. Individuals who recognize that they are struggling with substance abuse can sign up for this program on their own. When they do, they are consenting to a signed agreement guaranteeing their sobriety.

Also noteworthy is the DMU or Disciplinary Monitoring Unit. The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, along with the Department of State and Professional Health Monitoring Programs, established the DMU to respond to professionals receiving formal disciplinary action. The DMU helps individuals protect their hard-earned licenses and get the help necessary to stay in their chosen careers.

Monitoring is Key for Relapse Prevention

Addiction treatment for healthcare professionals, lawyers, pilots, or any other type of professional is more common than you might think. Substance abuse is a serious concern in the United States and beyond, and no one should be ashamed for seeking help. In addition to getting rehab treatment, it is vital that clients get support for relapse prevention. Accountability in the form of monitoring is one of the best ways to stay on track.

Professional laboratory monitoring is helpful for many reasons. First, it helps clients set short-term goals. If you know you have a sobriety test coming up, you’ll work that much harder to resist temptation and stay on track.

Also, monitoring creates an extra level of accountability. Knowing that someone is counting on you, and knowing that testing could happen at any time, can be the motivation you need to continue on your trajectory toward success. Best of all, monitoring ensures those in your field that you’re sober, that you care about your career, and that you are putting the safety of your clients, colleagues, or passengers first.

Getting Help at Providence Treatment

If you’re still wondering, “What are professional health monitoring programs, and where can I find one?” then consider Providence Treatment. As one of only 20 programs in the United States designed for professionals, they are equipped to monitor sobriety in the state of Pennsylvania. Other advantages of Providence Treatment include:

What are professional health monitoring programs? They are programs designed to help licensed professionals protect their health and their careers. If you want or need to join one of these programs, call 866-247-3307 to learn more about Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania.

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