Sober Living During Holidays



Sober Living during Holidays

We are all aware of three major issues to consider in early recovery: 1) isolation, 2) the struggle to sustain positive change in recovery, and 3) accountability to others. When a person completes their inpatient, or “primary treatment” course at a rehab, they are typically given clear recommendations about what to do with aftercare. Well, often the desire to leave rehab usually takes priority over reading a list of prescriptions from the treatment team. Many times the alcoholic or addict can be lost. They return home to the scene of many unfortunate conflicts and feel the need to apologize and turn the attention on the family, instead of themselves.

In sober living, the person can fulfill the recommendations from their rehab and continues focusing on their adjustment out of an inpatient setting to an environment where daily living happens, while they establish regular activities that support their intention to remain sober and embrace recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Participate in the process of healing within, before engaging in conflictual relationships with family and friends.

At Providence Treatment, we have been providing a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for men who wish to remain sober and minimize the risks of relapse in the first year of recovery. Our men attend an early morning fellowship meeting each day together, then go to work knowing they are being supported throughout the day with monitoring activities. They return home, eat dinner with the other residents and engage in treatment and finally engaging in a group reflection about the day, including any fears, needs for amends to anyone they may have harmed today, and what they’ve done for their recovery that day. They both congratulate and challenge each other everyday they are in community as men seeking a healthier and sober lifestyle.

The intentional group exchange actually addresses all three of the concerns mentioned at the beginning of this blog. The experience of community has been seen over and over as one of the most powerful elements of sustainable change in a person’s life. The holidays for an addict can be lonely and tough. How they normally would celebrate no longer exists. However, if they are not in a sober living environment, being in places where alcohol is consumed, obviously could be challenging. The sober living community acts as mutual support and helps the resident to plan for holiday gatherings in a safe, sober fashion.

Give the gift of sober living this holiday season! Fight any temptation to leave inpatient rehab thinking “you’ve done it!” Actually, you’ve only begun.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! If you have any questions about sober living, or Providence Treatment please call us at (866) 327-5066.

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