Stay In The Moment

We all too often subscribe to thoughts, feelings and images in our heads (which usually pertain to the past and future) instead of the reality in the moment. A good example would be fostering a resentment against someone and permitting this to create much discontentment and grief.
Instead of subscribing to these thoughts, feelings and images – just watch them. See how powerful they are, and simply let them pass. Remain in the moment and realize that without these thoughts, you are perfectly fine in the moment.
In early recovery many people try to mend broken relations. There is nothing wrong about reconciliation with loved ones, but be watchful about feelings of shame, guilt, internalized subscriptions to pathogenic beliefs about the past about yourself. Stay in the moment. If you and a loved one is open to reconciliation, then let it be.
The only story that is real is the story being played out in the present. Cultivate practices that keep you in the present and refrains from subscribing to thoughts, feelings and images in our heads.

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