Over the decades, scientists have studied and learned better ways to treat an addiction. Long ago, society thought that the only way to treat addiction was to quit using. Now, addiction rehabs also use options like holistic addiction treatment to help patients with recovery. By focusing on the entire person, holistic programs give clients the best chances of staying sober.

How Holistic Addiction Treatment WorksGroup of people in a Philadelphia holistic addiction treatment program

The goal of holistic addiction treatment is to heal the client’s mind, body, and soul. When someone has an addiction, it gradually affects every part of their life. They may focus less at work, lose out on promotions or have relationship issues because of their substance abuse. Because of this, it is important to treat the entire individual instead of solely focusing on addiction.

Discovering Different Program Options

At a holistic addiction treatment center, there are many therapies available. Yoga therapy is a popular choice because it helps to calm and focus the mind. This ancient exercise also helps the client build their physical strength as their body heals from the addiction.

Some programs prefer using options like meditation, mindfulness or acupuncture therapy. These kinds of treatments help individuals relax and avoid stress-induced cravings or triggers. The holistic addiction treatment center may also provide other programs like art therapy, massage therapy, counseling or nutritional therapy.

Getting the Most Out of Addiction Treatment

Ultimately, the primary goal of any treatment is to help patients recover. Holistic addiction treatment programs work by focusing on the entire person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. Then, addiction counselors work to address these needs in a comprehensive, individualized way.

One of the first things that counselors like to address is the root cause of the addiction. Often, underlying mental disorders, trauma, grief or physical disorders contribute to an addiction. For example, someone may develop a painkiller addiction after using prescription medication for an injury. To get the best quality of care, patients have to treat the underlying cause as well as the addiction at the same time.

Some factors can prevent individuals from completely recovering. A lack of sleep or a poor diet can make it difficult for the patient to focus as their body struggles to heal. To counteract these problems, treatment centers often include options that help clients sleep better and get a healthy diet. They may also help patients reduce stress levels and boost their self-confidence.

The Holistic Difference

Within the treatment program, clients need to get individualized care in order to recover. Each person is unique, so they need a treatment plan that is just as unique. A holistic program focuses on customizing treatment options for the individual’s specific needs.

Depending on the treatment program, patients will find options like exercise and nutrition therapy. Many specialists think that having a healthy body promotes a long-lasting recovery. In addition, exercise can help to fill up the hours that the individual previously used for their addiction. The treatment center may offer options like yoga, tai chi, hiking or other therapies.

Holistic programs also use mental treatments to help patients clear their mind and focus on recovering. These programs may include options like meditation, massage therapy or acupuncture. Some programs even include options like silent meditation retreats as a part of their aftercare options.

Finding the Right Treatment Program

Each person has unique needs. Thankfully, there are also many different treatment programs available to help with recovery. Business, healthcare, finance, and other professionals can discover treatment options that cater exclusively to licensed and professional workers. Within this type of treatment program, clients can enjoy having options such as:

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