Alcohol Treatment For Professionals

Alcohol Treatment For Professionals

Finding alcohol treatment for professionals is not always easy. Many career professionals have trouble admitting that they need help due to stigma and fear. The truth is that anyone can face addiction, and overcoming it is both possible and achievable. 

Unfortunately, many treatment facilities aren’t approved to work with people in certain careers, like pilots and physicians. We are. Providence Treatment is here to help you create lasting change in an environment that understands your life and needs.

Providence Treatment has alcohol treatment centers for medical professionals, pilots, lawyers, and other career professionals in Honolulu, Boston, and Philadelphia. Our substance abuse programs are discreet and cater to the needs of working professionals. Contact us today to discover what makes us the best drug rehab center on the East Coast and how our alcohol addiction treatment for professionals can help you reclaim your life.

Why Alcohol Treatment Centers for Professionals Matter

Alcohol is one of the most used drugs, and many people hide or disguise their addiction from the people around them. Working professionals with high-stress careers may turn to substances like alcohol because they’re legal and accessible. However, alcohol addiction can come with serious and lasting repercussions. 

Consequences of alcohol abuse include but aren’t limited to:

  • Physical health problems, including, a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, sleep problems, stroke, and death
  • Negatively impacted relationships with loved ones, such as family members and romantic partners
  • An increased risk of motor vehicle accidents and injuries 
  • Problems at work or with job performance 
  • Legal or financial issues

In many cases, unmanaged stress drives professionals to turn to substances like alcohol to cope. It can also be more challenging to ask for help with your career. That’s why alcohol treatment for professionals is such an essential service.

Offering Customized Help for Professionals

Professional Rehab Programs and Services at Providence Treatment

Providence Treatment offers the following rehab services and care levels to those seeking drug and alcohol treatment for professionals. While our outpatient programs are flexible and typically follow a step-down approach (starting with a higher level of care, like a partial hospitalization program, and reducing treatment hours as you make progress), many professionals work with us long-term. This allows you to get the steady support you need to recover with an added sense of flexibility.

Although most people stay in detox for 1-2 weeks at most, medical detoxification services are often a vital precursor to treatment for alcohol addiction. When you drink heavily and regularly, alcohol withdrawal can be severe, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. 

If needed, we can refer you to a medical detox program nearby before you receive care at Providence Treatment. By the time detox is over, you’ll be ready to enter therapy services with us.

Our partial hospitalization program for professionals requires a time commitment of about 20 hours per week. The bulk of your schedule in PHP will include regular group therapy sessions, individual therapy, medication management, mindfulness, and other activities, depending on the day. 

Since PHP has the highest time commitment of any outpatient program, it’s an ideal alternative to inpatient rehab for clients who don’t need to live on-site at a treatment center while getting help for alcohol addiction.

Providence Treatment’s intensive outpatient program for professionals requires a total time commitment of about nine hours per week. Since IOP has a lower time commitment than PHP, it’s ideal for professionals who are ready to go back to work or need to continue working while in treatment. IOP at Providence Treatment meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. 

Our standard outpatient treatment program requires an even lower time commitment than IOP and involves a personalized combination of therapy services that benefit you as a unique client. 

Online sessions are available to standard outpatient and aftercare clients. That way, you can connect with your treatment team no matter where you are and no matter how intensive the rest of your schedule is.

Some clients getting alcohol treatment for professionals at our rehab center continue living at home during their program. Others benefit from an executive sober living placement because of the combined accountability and freedom it provides. If you’re interested in sober living for professionals, Providence Treatment can help.

Providence Treatment is ready to help you on your journey to recovery.

What to Expect at Providence Treatment

Getting alcohol treatment for professionals at Providence Treatment means that your treatment will take place in a specialized environment made for people like you, which can be invaluable. Addiction treatment is never one-size-fits-all, and the context of your life matters. 

In addition to our specialized programs and multiple care levels, here are some of the reasons clients choose Providence Treatment.

  • Evidence-based programs: Providence Treatment’s team of providers uses the most effective therapies and treatments known to address addiction and mental health needs in a cohort setting. These include behavioral therapies, medication management, family therapy, and trauma therapy. 
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT): FDA-approved medications can help clients with concerns like alcohol use disorder (AUD). We offer medication-assisted treatment for substance abuse for suitable clients.
  • Individualized treatment plans: All Providence Treatment clients get individualized treatment plans and comprehensive evaluations to help us better understand their needs. If you experience co-occurring mental health concerns like anxiety or depression, we offer dual diagnosis treatment in Boston, Philadelphia, and Honolulu that can help.
  • Support for loved ones: Addiction can impact family members and other loved ones of those with substance use disorders intensely. Providence Treatment offers support and education for loved ones in addition to intensive family therapy.
  • Specialized support groups: We have specialized addiction support groups for women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and other populations with specific experiences that may affect their mental health and addiction treatment needs.

Providence Treatment accepts various health insurance plans, which can help you cover treatment costs. Call Providence Treatment today to verify your insurance coverage for care at our alcohol treatment centers for professionals or learn more about our programs.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction in Professionals

Sometimes, people facing alcohol addiction don’t realize that they have a problem. Knowing what the signs of alcohol addiction are can help you identify it in yourself or someone else. Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder can include:

  • Needing to drink more than before to achieve the same level of intoxication
  • Spending a significant portion of time using alcohol, thinking about alcohol, or recovering from the effects of drinking
  • Finding it difficult or impossible to stop or decrease the amount of alcohol you drink, even if you want to
  • Continuing to drink despite problems alcohol causes in areas of life such as interpersonal relationships, work, or physical and mental health
  • Experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking or decrease the amount you drink
  • Lying about how much or how often you drink 
  • Experiencing alcohol cravings

It can be difficult to balance the love and loyalty you have for your profession with self-care. Providence Treatment is here to help you build a sustainable, sober life by giving you the tools you need to take care of yourself as a whole person.

More About Our Addiction Treatment Services

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Without treatment, alcohol addiction can have severe consequences. We’re here to help. Providence Treatment specializes in drug and alcohol treatment for professionals like you. To get in touch with Providence Treatment, fill out the contact form on our website or call our admissions line today.

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