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heart palpitations

When to Worry About Heart Palpitations

Long-term drug and alcohol use can damage organs and tissues throughout your body, including your heart and cardiovascular system. Irregular heartbeat, also known as atrial ...
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mental health stats

Mental Health Statistics by State: How We Rank

While many Americans struggle with mental illnesses like anxiety and PTSD, most of them do not seek treatment from a qualified professional. The ripple effects ...
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President Biden Recognizes National Recovery Month

President Biden Recognizes National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month In a recent proclamation from the White House, President Biden formally recognized September as National Recovery Month. In this message, ...
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alcohol and medication

Study: Treating Alcoholism With Medication

Though alcohol is legal, culturally acceptable and easily obtainable, that does not make it safe to consume. Tragically, alcoholism is a leading cause of disability, ...
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international self-care day

International Self-Care Day

Self-care has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years, but it’s more than a passing fad. Self-care encompasses any healthy activity you do to ...
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anxiety at work

Anxiety at Work

While some amount of stress is inevitable in daily life, many professionals in high-pressure careers face consistently high stress levels. Anxiety can make you dread ...
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going back to work after rehab

Going Back to Work After Rehab

You have successfully completed treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol and are ready to return to your job. Restarting your career can be ...
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professional laboratory monitoring

What is Professional Laboratory Monitoring?

Random drug and alcohol testing is a requirement for many safety-sensitive professions. Pilots and other transportation professionals must be tested regularly to ensure they are ...
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silent retreat

What is a Silent Retreat? | Spirituality and Recovery

Sometimes you just need to be still and reflect. That can be difficult to do in a hectic world, especially as working professional who is ...
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addiction resources during COVID-19

Government Provides Addiction Resources During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted a lot of normal activities in everyone’s daily life. As a professional in addiction treatment, you may need additional support ...
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