Addiction Blog

How We Help Boston-Based Professionals Find Addiction Assessment, Navigation, and Treatment

Busy professionals are under enormous amounts of pressure in their jobs, and addiction can arise out of that. Like many areas in the United States, ...
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heart palpitations

When to Worry About Heart Palpitations

Long-term drug and alcohol use can damage organs and tissues throughout your body, including your heart and cardiovascular system. Irregular heartbeat, also known as atrial ...
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physicians and nurses

Stress Among Healthcare Professionals: Physicians and Nurses

Health professionals are compassionate, driven people who work to make a positive difference in the world every day. While these careers can be rewarding, they ...
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medical student

Substance Use in Medical Students During COVID-19

Training for a new profession is stressful, and this stress level is amplified for students in the medical field. Whether they are first-year students or ...
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alcohol use

Alcohol Use and Neurodegenerative Risk

Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, can be devastating diagnoses in older adults. The loss of mental cognition and motor skills makes independent functioning ...
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mothers in the workplace

Celebrating Mothers in the Workplace

While motherhood can be incredibly rewarding, it is also a thankless job that demands 24/7/365 dedication and commitment. Mothers in the workplace have taken on ...
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is addiction a disease

Medical Model of Addiction | Is Addiction a Disease?

Part of the stigma associated with addiction comes about because it is sometimes viewed as a choice, a type of character flaw that leads to ...
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addiction treatment in Hawaii

Addiction Treatment in Hawaii | Hawaii Addiction Statistics

Hawaii is a beautiful area and one that is popular with tourists. During normal times, millions of people travel from across the world to visit ...
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airline pilots experience addiction

Flying the Unfriendly Skies: How Airline Pilots Experience Addiction

Airline pilots have incredibly stressful jobs. Not only are pilots responsible for the safe transport of the plane’s passengers, but they also must deal with ...
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biofeedback therapy for addiction treatment

Using Biofeedback Therapy for Addiction Treatment

When you lift your arm, you are doing so voluntarily and controlling the movement. When your heart beats, that is controlled involuntarily by your nervous ...
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