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executive drug rehab programs

For the high-level professional, the stress of the job can be compounded by the symptoms and anxiety of a substance abuse issue. Executive drug rehab programs are specifically designed to address the unique needs faced by C-suite professionals, including CEOs, as they seek treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Acknowledging the Problem

It can often be difficult for a professional such as a CEO to admit that a problem with drug or alcohol use even exists. Executives are faced with a need to maintain a professional image and addiction is often thought of as an issue experienced by those in lower incomes. However, executives are just as likely to have an addiction to alcohol, opioids, or other drugs, whether prescription or illicit. The first step toward rehab is acknowledging that problem.

Overworked Professionals

Rather than being in a position of not being able to afford quality treatment, the professional may simply not want the inconvenience of treatment for a substance abuse issue. CEOs often work long hours, are under a lot of pressure, and may feel they need some help just to get through their day. They may make excuses for the drug or alcohol use, even when it becomes excessive. They can also find ways to cover up the symptoms, by saying that they are a result of the stress and pressure rather than the drugs they are using.

Social Stigma

Part of the issue with executives who are hesitant to admit they have a problem and to seek treatment for their substance abuse is the social stigma that continues to be associated with addiction. The CEO who meets with investors or partners on a daily basis does not want their workday disrupted with visits to a rehab program. They may fear that others will discover the reason for their absence and that it will damage their professional reputation. Taking time off for a residential program may be completely out of the question when they have a corporation to run.

Executive Drug Rehab Programs

Acknowledging the special set of challenges faced by upper level professionals, drug rehab programs for executives such as CEOs offer treatment that accommodates their schedules and their concerns. An effective treatment program must also address the underlying issues behind the substance abuse. For the professional who is accustomed to being in control, this can be a struggle.

Within reason, accommodating the professional could just be the key factor in a successful recovery. For example, when a drug rehab program is located in a remote or secluded location, it allows for an extra level of privacy for the executive in treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment is particularly suited to the busy executive, who would then be able to continue working at some level and would have less to explain to colleagues and employees.

Flexible, Life-Changing Treatment

An executive’s busy life can be accommodated by a drug rehab program. The addiction treatment will typically start with detoxification, which cleanses the body of the alcohol and/or drugs to which the professional has become addicted. Then treatment will begin, usually on a schedule that is flexible enough to allow the executive to continue in the business at some level.

Life-changing addiction treatment in Philadelphia includes options to address the causes of the substance abuse and to help ensure that the busy executive can continue to live a healthy and productive life. Options for addiction treatment could include psychological testing and a comprehensive evaluation, a comprehensive and effective outpatient treatment program, and relapse prevention strategies.

Executive drug rehab programs, including our intensive outpatient program available in Philadelphia, prepares the professional to regain control and move forward with a successfully career and a successful recovery by addressing topics such as mindfulness practices and mood regulation, conflict management, communication techniques, and reintegration into the workplace.

Outpatient Addiction Programs for Executives in Philadelphia

At Providence Treatment, we understand the stigma and the challenges you may face when it comes time to recognize and get help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol. As a professional executive, when you are ready to get outpatient addiction treatment in Philadelphia, we are ready to help you. Our expertise is in serving high-profile clients and licensed professionals like you.

Don’t let addiction to drugs or alcohol take over your life. You can overcome addiction with outpatient treatments at Providence Treatment. If you need help getting clean, then contact us at 484.469.9592, and you can begin your recovery as soon as possible.

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