Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia

outpatient addiction treatment in Philadelphia

When you are ready to get help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you are faced with choices. As a professional, you need to know whether you should enter into an inpatient treatment program or if an outpatient program would be best for you. Outpatient addiction treatment in Philadelphia provides options for your recovery that may be the perfect fit for your needs and goals.


The first step in an effective addiction program is usually detoxification. This process rids your body of substances, such as drugs or alcohol, that have been such an integral part of your addiction. Detox can be done in an outpatient program, depending on your level of use and on several other factors in your life. Detox is usually managed by a healthcare provider because withdrawal can be accompanied by unpleasant and sometimes devastating side effects.

Once detox is complete, you will need to seek out drug or alcohol addiction treatment which will also address the psychological, social, and behavioral problems that are associated with your addiction. Whether you seek further treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis depends on a number of factors.

Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient, or residential, care offers a highly controlled environment that makes it more difficult for you to use drugs or alcohol as you progress through your addiction treatment program. If you need a break from your stressful or challenging environment, inpatient treatment may be a good option.

When you participate in an outpatient program, you may participate in individual counseling as well as group counseling to address the underlying issues that have led to your addiction. Outpatient addiction treatment offers you the opportunity to continue with your daily life, with your family and potentially in your professional position. Outpatient programs are also typically less costly than residential or inpatient treatment. Many day treatment programs are comparable to residential programs in their intensity and their effectiveness.

If you and your provider determine that you do not need 24-hour supervision, an outpatient program in the city of Philadelphia may be best for you. Designed to establish psychosocial supports and to facilitate relapse management and coping strategies, outpatient programs are an important part of the continuum of care for your alcohol or drug addiction.

Outpatient Treatment Considerations

In an outpatient setting, you will return to your home or to your office after your treatment session. Therefore, you must be able to abstain from drug or alcohol use on your own. That requires a great deal of diligence and self-discipline. You are still not alone, though. You will have a support network of other people who are experiencing addiction treatment, as well as the individual counseling and family counseling that you will need for your recovery.

When considering outpatient addiction treatment in Philadelphia, you will need to be honest with yourself and with your provider. Can you remain dedicated to your recovery throughout the process? Are the temptations of job stress or lack of social support a factor in your decision? Outpatient treatment can provide you with a new and positive element of social change and facilitate long-term recovery, but you need to be open about your situation when determining which type of program will best help you achieve long-term recovery.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment for Professionals

There are many benefits for you, as a professional in the healthcare, legal, or aviation field, in seeking outpatient treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol. When possible, and when professional regulations do not prohibit it, you can continue going to work. You remain in control of your schedule, other than needing to participate in sessions as directed by your provider.

Outpatient treatment is typically less expensive and insurance companies are generally more willing to pay for such care. You have the freedom to choose your addiction treatment provider, rather than having a therapist or counselor assigned to you. In addition, you will continue to have the support of other individuals, including those who are experiencing the same addiction challenges as you and the support of your friends and family whom you can continue to see on a daily basis.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Philadelphia

At Providence Treatment, we understand that it is often scary and overwhelming to admit that you need help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol. When you are ready to get outpatient addiction treatment in Philadelphia, we are ready to help you. Our expertise is in serving high-profile clients and licensed professionals like you.

Don’t let addiction to drugs or alcohol take over your life. You can overcome addiction with outpatient treatments at Providence Treatment. If you need help getting clean, then contact us at 484.469.9592, and you can begin your recovery as soon as possible.

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