Making Mornings Your Secret Recovery Weapon

a woman hits an alarm clock


Rise and shine! Getting up early is a smart habit you may want to add to your list of recovery to-dos. In fact, many super powerful folks – from former first lady Michelle Obama to Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Apple CEO Tim Cook – have been known to skip over the snooze button and maximize the A.M. hours.

Whether you choose to exercise, meditate, or just savor a cup of coffee and catch up on the news, taking a little “you time” before the busy day comes with big benefits. Here are a few:

You’ll control your weight. According to researchers at Northwestern University, people who got the majority of light exposure in the morning hours had lower body mass index (BMI) than those who got it later in the day. And the results were independent of how much people ate or exercised.

You’ll be happier. A University of Toronto survey of more than 700 adults found that morning people (defined as getting up around 7 a.m. or earlier) had up to a 25 percent increase in feelings of happiness, cheerfulness, and alertness, reported.

You’ll stick to your workout routine. People who exercise regularly in the morning are less likely to skip out on the routine due to an unexpected work meeting or commuting delay, for instance.

You’ll be more detail-oriented and conscientious. Some researchers even go so far to suggest that certain businesses/professions, like airline pilots and surgeons, should implement screening to see whether potential employees are morning or evening types.

Support During and After Your Recovery
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