Mens Sober Living Philadelphia

Providence Treatment Tour entryway

Providence Treatment Tour sober living house foyerSober living for men in a comfortable setting in suburban Philadelphia. At Providence Treatment House we provide sober living for professional men seeking comfort and serious about their early recovery experience. Our 10-bed residence has private and semi-private rooms, a billiard room, executive kitchen  and plenty of private and communal space, depending on your needs.

A program treating men in sober living needs to integrate their daily work, 12-Step meeting attendance, daily meditation and continuing therapy. Some of the early tasks of a solid recovery program such as: obtaining a temporary sponsor, establishing a home group, doing Step work with your sponsor, fellowship opportunities, etc. are encouraged and processed in the sober living house.
If you, or a loved one are in need of a comfortable and effective sober living, please call us today at 215.834.7979. Speak with one of our highly credentialed and experienced Doctors.

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