Physicians With Disease of Addiction In Philadelphia

Physician with disease of addiction in Philadelphia
Physicians make a significant commitment to their training and subsequently to their profession in caring for others. There is tremendous self sacrifice in the service of building knowledge and experience to handle serious medical dilemmas for their patients.
It is probably not surprising that a physician can have difficulty asking for help for themselves. Many times, a physician will build up their reputation as “the expert” and is elevated to a degree that to disclose a serious problem like alcoholism or drug addiction would be devastating to them, and to their career (as they see it).

Thankfully, there are physician health programs and their equivalents to assist physicians with the disease of addiction in Philadelphia. Since the physician is in a very safety sensitive position, the bar is set high for them when it comes to impairment. Physicians with alcohol and/or drug addiction can be helped and actually have one of the highest sustainable recovery rates in the U.S.

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