Philadelphia Sober Living Program For Clergy

Woman in Philadelphia sober living program for clergy

One of the most rewarding, yet time demanding profession, is professional ministry. Clergy serve many roles in a community including: liturgist, family mediator, counselor, community activist and many more roles. At times, the stress related to the profession can lead an ordained person to feel alone and burnt out. Alcohol can be a common “solution” for the stresses that come along with ministry.

I know this first hand, as a former Jesuit I was aware of some of my brother Jesuits who would misuse alcohol and would eventually need to address this with the support of the Society.

The alcoholic cleric needs a special place to recover and have their privacy protected, while they are doing their own work. Taking the necessary time for oneself is often difficult for a priest or minister. However, this is precisely what is needed in most cases. He needs to take the time to begin to work a spiritual program of transformation – ironically – maybe the first time in their religious life!

Providence Treatment House is uniquely designed to care for, and treat clergy who are in early recovery, or who may be struggling with relapse in their recovery.

If you, or some clergy you may know who is struggling with addiction, please contact us today for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless.

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