Nothing happens to us. Learn rather than react.

Man learns not to simply react

Much of human interaction involves reactivity. When a person becomes more aware of themselves as a spiritual being, they begin to see how much they react rather than responding to others. Whether it be road rage, a heated argument with a spouse, or simply reacting to your own thoughts pointing to a problematic mindset, the justification for reacting often is something is happening to you that is unpleasant and unfair. Reactivity is too often a cause for relapse and choosing to engage in self-destructive and maladaptive behaviors.

Nothing happens to us. Learn rather than react.

I ask you to watch these thoughts about something “happening to you” and ask yourself if it is absolutely true. In a vast majority of cases  you will discover and be aware that these thoughts are not true, but conditioned thoughts that feed a problematic story already scripted in your life. You, then subscribe to these thoughts and they appear VERY real. As real as any object or form in your life. The watching of these thoughts and discovering that they are not true has already taken you beyond the reactivity moment. You are now reflective. Most likely what you would have been reactive about in the past is now passing by.

People teach us about themselves. There is very little done “to us”.  If we can adopt an attitude of learning from others statements, behaviors, etc., instead of reacting to them we can learn much about the other and most likely ourselves as well. Let’s create this space in our lives instead of playing the victim. My experience has been when I take this stance I am in line with my recovery and usually will be more at peace and stress free.

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