Premier Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Philadelphia

Addiction treatment team
Providence Treatment is an extended care program for professionals in suburban Philadelphia, PA, who are in need of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We provide both sober living for professional men and outpatient services for professional men and women, specifically those who identify their work as a career/profession such as physicians, dentists, business executives, attorney, academics, pharmacist, airline pilot, clergy, etc. They are highly trained and skilled men and women who have spent years investing in the preparation to practice their profession, and are seeking a recovery program that understands and customizes a treatment plan to address both their personal and professional needs in treatment. 

Drug and alcohol addiction can absolutely negatively impact a professional’s career. In addition, if the professional is in a highly safety sensitive line of work, then not only are they in danger with their addictive behaviors, but they also pose potential hazard to many others surrounding them. At Providence Treatment, we understand the needs of professionals with alcohol and drug addiction and designed a treatment program to meet their specific recovery needs at our treatment center in Philadelphia.

If you, or a loved one is a professional in need of addiction recovery treatment, then call us today at 215.834.7979 for a free consultation.


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