Sober Living After Rehab In Philadelphia

Man smiles thanks to sober living after rehab in Philadelphia

Too often, people leave rehab and return back to their busy lives and are not able to integrate what they’ve just learned in treatment. The added tasks of: 90 meetings in 90 days, obtaining a temporary sponsor, starting step work, making connections in the rooms, etc. is a major and important part of early recovery.

Sober Living is a preferred option for anyone leaving rehab and still needing a sober community, support from professionals and peers, quality meetings and sponsors and much more. Research shows that when you make Sober Living an important next step after rehab you extend the effect of both treatment and sober time towards recovery. It is powerful to see how a house with sober men can assist each other as a transition back to home and family.

Many times, the addict has behaved in ways that damaged intimate relations with others. Slowly working on these relationships and especially the relationship the addict has with himself is extremely vital in cultivating a sustained recovery!

The importance of choosing Sober Living after Rehab is seen in the thousands of men and women who decide to invest in more time and embrace the structure and accountability that a good Sober Living residence provides.

If you, or a loved one is leaving Rehab and in need of a quality Sober Living program, call us today. We are here to help you! Call us at (215) 834-7979 or visit us at:


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