Sober Living: Talking before we Walk


Today, I spoke with a patient who expressed his ambivalence about going to meetings. He said it feels like “the island of misfit toys.” He is reminded of his disease and how much of a “loser” he believes he is at times. I suggested to him that he talk about this in the meeting and observe the reaction from the other members in the meeting. He thought that was a good idea and plans on sharing that at his next fellowship meeting.

In the 12-Step Recovery process, we often talk about our shame, guilt, doubts, etc. before we can practice day to day living with confidence. Our talking is one way out of the darkness and pain. When we talk in group it allows others to get to know us, and it gives the other the opportunity to altruistically reach out to us and share the message of recovery from addictions. If we walk proud without sharing and talking about our pain…we are simply inauthentic! The more we “talk the talk’ in meetings, or with a sponsor, or even a therapist we are cultivating connections and possibly a way out of the cycle of addiction.

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