You Are Not Your Addiction and Your Addiction is Not You


Many people in early recovery have difficulty stating “I’m an alcoholic…I’m a drug addict.” They will feel strongly that identifying as an alcoholic or an addict makes them feel more shame and see it as a negative identity. Well, they are partly correct!

While accepting that you may have the disease of addiction and your life is unmanageable when the disease is not in remission is true, it can be spiritually challenging if  you subscribe to the belief that “You are your disease.” Just like cancer or diabetes, the management of addiction recovery requires your attention, but you are greater than addiction. Hopefully, as you continue growing in a spiritual program you will come to realize that not only are you greater than your disease, but there is a Presence in you that is both totally in you and greater than you!

The conscious shift from being “in” addiction versus “watching” your addiction shifts and turns is critical. If you are “in” your addiction, then you often react to the strong feelings or cravings. When you “watch” your addiction you are creating a space, or distance, giving you opportunity to reflect, pause and even stop!

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