Steps to Stay in the Present

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stay in presentLearning to stay in the present – and stop dwelling on the past or obsessing over the future – plays an important role in your recovery. Not only will it help you cope with the inevitable emotions that arise during recovery, but it will also allow you to lead a fuller, sober life as you learn to appreciate the beauty in your every day.

Living in the moment may take some practice, but you can learn this important recovery skill by following these steps:

  • Prioritize hobbies and passions. When you’re completely engrossed in what you’re doing, you’re living in the moment. Take time to identify hobbies and passions that allow you to feel whole and present and carve out time to incorporate these activities in your daily life.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditation has a long list of recovery benefits, including the ability to help you learn to use breath to stay in the here and just observe your thoughts and feelings.
  • Savor the small things. The next time you take a walk outside, do your best to notice the word around you. Use your senses to take in the smallest details on the leaves to the smell of the flowers to the sounds of the crunching earth under your shoes.
  • Realize that the now is all we have. Keep in mind this famous quote by spiritual author Eckhart Tolle: “Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”
  • Make time for silence. In order to focus on the now, you need to slow down once in a while and shut off distractions (phones, televisions, computers) so you can just sit and take in the moment.

Finding Your Spirituality at Providence
Providence Treatment encourages each patient to cultivate spiritual practices in their lives while they are in the process of transformation from active use of alcohol and/or drugs. To this end, we sponsor silent retreats that promote stillness and a deeper relationship with yourself and your Higher Power – however you understand it to be. To learn more, call (866) 247-3307.

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