Turning Inward: A Most Welcomed Invitation During a Pandemic

turning inward

“The kingdom of heaven is inside and outside of you.”  The Gospel of Thomas

Much of what we call life’s journey occurs within oneself. We tend to experience life through a lens of perception, meaning and discrimination. Not discrimination in the most common use of the word, more of increased awareness of differences and nuances in the things around us. Unfortunately, the restless mind and story making creates fragile relations within yourself about people, places and things around you, both present and invisible. This certainly affects the way you proceed and ultimately, the way you think about yourself.

The good news is you can re-create a different relationships to things within your perception, meaning and discriminative patterns by changing your vantage point. Literally, changing the script.  For example, for many years I had a fear of money and a perception of myself that I was not able to manage money. This inner story became true, and financial matters were often sources of high anxiety and feelings of incompetence. However, when I began to see money for what it was without the inner story of fear and confusion, I became more able to approach financial matters confidently without a problematic storyline.

The calm mind promotes a perception without negative judgments towards yourself and others. You engage with your world with openness and curiosity, rather than fear or dominance.  Our inner journey can be full of growth and changes towards the next moment, with no definitive destination. Someone once said that it’s impossible to get lost if you don’t define an arriving destination.

Close your eyes and imagine an inner restless situation (like the fear of the lack of money). Ask yourself, Is this helpful? Can I live differently without this story? Keeping your eyes closed, begin to smile. Begin to see yourself taking a different path related to this belief and enjoying the newness of your perception, meaning and discrimination. Repeat this at least once per day for 30 days.

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