7 Signs Indicating Need For Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Man showing 7 signs indicating need for drug alcohol addiction treatment
You know many people who drink, smoke and use…why aren’t they thinking about getting help? They may be reacting by stating, “why is everyone on my case?” or “I just want to be left alone!” Drug and alcohol addiction is a killer, please do not hesitate in getting treatment today (for you or someone you love). Below are 7 signs indicating need for drug alcohol addiction treatment:

1. “I’m not myself” – when the disease process progresses, you begin to feel disconnected from your job, others and even yourself!

2. “God Who?” – feeling totally disconnected to anything spiritual. God appears distant and sometimes an enemy…judging and condemning you.

3. “People, who needs them!” – isolation often is an indicator that the addictive process has progressed to the point where you feel most comfortable alone, VERY alone.

4. “Feelings…yuck!” – When the disease get to the point where your emotions are pulling you up and down, left and right and you have little control or even awareness of your emotions, then treatment is just a phone call away.

5. “Drama, anyone?” – Insanity becomes the norm for the alcoholic and addict as the disease progresses. People begin to avoid us. Our family, loved ones have a hard time tolerating our drama and our need for mood shifts including: anger/rage, making public scenes, physical/verbal abuse and threats of suicide.

6. “Not me!!” – When you find yourself blaming others. People are bringing your addiction to your attention and you are trying to find any reason to shift the blame onto others or things.

7. “I should die” – You have not functioned in a while, you are isolating, people cannot tolerate you, you have blamed everyone and everything and you emotions are getting the best of you in this insane life…why live any longer?

Providence Treatment in Philadelphia PA is an outpatient treatment program for professionals and their families who seek recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. If you, or someone you love is seeking help for their addiction, call us today at (215) 834-7979. 

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