Being Designated Driver During Holidays

Man being a designated driver during holidays
Expressing an interest in being a designated driver “DD” is a noble and responsible task. The term originated in Syracuse, NY by Sally Kerwin. Some restaurants and bars may offer discounted non-alcholic beverages to DDs. Taking on the role of designated driver has some built in advantages and challenges. The advantages are clearly providing a service to friends and securing that no one drinking alcohol will be driving under the influence and possibly hurting others or themselves. 
Some of the challenges are: 1) Being influenced by drinking friends that “one drink won’t hurt”, 2) The DD feeling left out of the “fun”, 3) Dealing with a group of intoxicated individuals, some who may insist they are okay to drive, and 4) Evaluating whether you are enabling alcoholic behaviors in the group. 
Overall, offering and being a designated driver during holidays is a great gift to someone who should not be driving in their altered state. The DD should examine their motives and be conscious of your role and hold firm boundaries with your intoxicated passengers to get them and you home safely.
If you, or someone you know has an alcohol problem, call Providence Treatment today for an assessment and treatment at (215) 834-7979. 
Have an enjoyable and safe holiday season!

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