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man on stressful call

Occupational Stress and Substance Use Disorder

Every profession has its stressors, but for some, managing workplace pressure proves to be too much. As a result, many seek to cope in unhealthy
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virtual support groups for healthcare workers

Virtual Support Groups for Healthcare Workers | Online Coronavirus Resources

Most support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, have shifted to virtual meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. In these challenging times, healthcare providers and counselors understand
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Therapist explains common DBT techniques to his clients

Common DBT Techniques

For decades, addiction treatment consisted of standard individual and group counseling programs. It was a rather simple approach to treatment, one that consistently led to
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A man thinks about how he has only worked jobs at high risk for addiction

Jobs At High Risk For Addiction

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. People of all ages and demographics fall into substance abuse. However, some individuals have jobs at high risk for addiction. While this
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A man is glad he asked what is the disciplinary monitoring unit

What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit?

Professional Health Monitoring Programs, or PHMP, are a way for people who struggle with substance abuse disorders to stay on track. With the right support
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A woman is happy she asked the question what is the voluntary recovery program

What is the Voluntary Recovery Program?

Substance abuse disorders can impact students, parents, and professionals alike. Struggling with addiction doesn’t mean that your life is over, but it does mean that
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Man learns what are professional health monitoring programs

What Are Professional Health Monitoring Programs?

No one is immune from the risks of addiction. Whether you’re a business executive, a pilot or a medical professional, you can still struggle with
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Addiction Treatment For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), such as physicians, make a significant commitment to their training and subsequently to their profession in caring for others. There is tremendous
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Man being a designated driver during holidays

Being Designated Driver During Holidays

Expressing an interest in being a designated driver “DD” is a noble and responsible task. The term originated in Syracuse, NY by Sally Kerwin. Some
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Just say no

Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Relapse Prevention in Philadelphia

Relapse occurs as a process, not an event. If we agree that relapse can occur at any time, but usually is preceded by a series
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