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addiction to alcohol

How Does Alcohol Affect the Liver?

Drinking can affect your health in many ways. Alcohol can impact the brain, the stomach, and the heart, among other organs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ...
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diabetes and alcohol

Can People with Diabetes Drink Alcohol?

When you have diabetes, you have to watch what you eat and drink almost constantly. You have been diagnosed with high blood sugar because your ...
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is addiction a disease

Medical Model of Addiction | Is Addiction a Disease?

Part of the stigma associated with addiction comes about because it is sometimes viewed as a choice, a type of character flaw that leads to ...
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no safe level of alcohol for brain health

No Safe Level of Alcohol for Brain Health

While most people believe that an occasional drink won’t do them any harm, there are actually a number of ramifications for mental and physical health ...
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end stage alcoholism

End Stage Alcoholism: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

An addiction to alcohol does not happen overnight. You may start out with a drink in the evening after a challenging day at the office ...
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Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force

Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force Delaware County’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force will host their annual symposium on 11/15/18 with this ...
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Young man standing with arms outstretched at sunset


The word “surrender” is often associated with defeat, loss, relinquishing your power and other hard to accept concepts. In many contemporary spiritual programs, the process ...
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Kitchen area

Philadelphia Sober Living And Comprehensive Aftercare Services

Transitioning to an excellent sober living community that requires monitoring and participation in the house activities including: daily meditation and meeting attendance, obtaining a sponsor, ...
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Man gets addiction recovery for airline pilots in Philadelphia

Addiction Recovery For Airline Pilots in Philadelphia

It certainly is a privilege to fly a plane, and when a pilot is impaired in any manner they need to seek help immediately! Currently, ...
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