How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

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A healthy, balanced relationship can have a positive impact on your recovery. It can make you more productive, less likely to experience anxiety and depression and, in general, more satisfied with life.

The wrong types of relationship, however, can take an emotional toll and even lead to relapse if you’re not careful.

Now more than ever, it’s important to take time to assess your current relationships. And, in general, it’s best to avoid a romantic partnership during the first year of recovery when your health needs to be your number-one priority!

Here are a few warnings signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  • You’re overly reliant on one anotherOf course, you should enjoy spending time together but it’s equally important to be your own person and feel empowered to explore your own hobbies, goals, and personal interests. When one or both parties only enjoy spending time with the other person it can lead to an unhealthy attachment and dependence.
  • You’re always giving in or compromising. A healthy dose of compromise is key to a healthy relationship. This shows that you both respect one another’s feelings and needs. On the other hand, if you feel like the relationship is one-sided, it’s a red flag that can lead to resentment and hostility.
  • You’re more of a parent than a partner. If one half of the couple is more demonstrative – always bossing the other person or coming to his/her rescue – it’s a sign that something is off and that the partnership is not equal. Ideally, both parties should bring a healthy sense of confidence and independence to the relationship.

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