Jobs At High Risk For Addiction

A man thinks about how he has only worked jobs at high risk for addiction

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. People of all ages and demographics fall into substance abuse. However, some individuals have jobs at high risk for addiction. While this doesn’t mean that everyone who holds these jobs will have a problem with drug and alcohol abuse, these professions tend to have higher rates of addiction versus others.

What Makes a Job Higher Risk for Addiction?

A man thinks about how he has only worked jobs at high risk for addictionStress, long hours, and a fast pace are leading factors in professions with high addiction rates. Some jobs are just more demanding on employees than others. They include professions where people are responsible for others’ lives or must work well over the typical 40 hours per week.

Other factors in jobs at high risk for addiction include hard physical labor and work-related pain, often stemming from that labor. Construction workers, for example, may turn to painkillers and end up hooked, just from trying to cope with the discomfort of daily tasks.

Jobs at High Risk for Addiction

Certain professions are incredibly stressful and demanding. In addition, professionals in these careers tend to suffer depression more often than the average person. Part of it is due to the nature of the job, whether it’s because they feel they can’t openly share work-related trauma or because they’re isolated. Not having effective coping skills to handle stress and negative emotions like depression is a significant contributor to substance abuse.

Professions that have higher than average numbers for substance abuse include:

  • Healthcare, including doctors and nurses
  • Finance
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Food and hospitality
  • Sales
  • Construction
  • Law enforcement

These jobs are very different, but the underlying issues that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse tend to be the same, region to region.

For healthcare professionals, it’s often the easy access to drugs that contribute to an ongoing problem. Sales and finance professionals typically work long, demanding hours. Entertaining clients is often part of the job, and that usually involves drinking in excess.

Addiction treatment for professionals can be beneficial. This type of treatment addresses the factors unique to these jobs and gives individuals hope of a sober future.

Personalized Care for Professionals

At Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, you or a loved one can get the addiction therapy and treatment you need to lead a fulfilling life, free of drug and alcohol abuse. Located right outside of Philadelphia, our center focuses on treating clients who hold jobs at high risk for addiction.

Our addiction treatment staff provides outpatient care for professionals, giving them the treatment they need, while also allowing them to fulfill their work obligations.

The services we offer include:

Working in jobs at high risk for addiction doesn’t mean you have to keep suffering. We understand the harm addiction can do, personally and professionally. Call us today at 866-247-3307, and we’ll help you begin the next chapter of your life, free of drugs and alcohol.

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