How Mindfulness Can Help Your Recovery and Your Career

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An important part of lasting sobriety is building a life that was better than your previous life – or a life worth living sober. Mindfulness can help make this happen. Being present – or more conscious of life as it happens – helps you enjoy things to the fullest. This means you’ll enjoy your food more, your hobbies more, your friends and family more and your career.

Experts say that mindfulness can be particularly beneficial for someone who has experienced multiple relapses. This is because it can offer a different perspective when what you’ve done over and over again isn’t working. It can also lessen the shame and stigma that goes along with addiction – as you learn to tolerate and not judge your thoughts, feelings and past behaviors.

Indeed, mindfulness can be powerful tool in addiction recovery. A few science-backed benefits:

  • Fend off stress
  • Become more mindful of cravings
  • Have greater self-acceptance
  • Tame emotional turbulence

Mindfulness and Professional Success
More and more leaders across the globe are relying on this ancient technique to help support their businesses. And why not? Mindfulness has been said to give “a one-second lead over your mind, your emotions, your world,” which is something we can all use in today’s fast-paced, reactionary society.

Mindfulness decreases activity in the parts of the brain responsible for fight-or-flight and knee-jerk reactions, while increasing activity in the part of the brain responsible for what’s termed our executive functioning. This part of the brain is the center of logical thought and impulse control.

Here are a few ways mindfulness can help you as you transition back into your career:

  • It can help you leave the past behind and get back in the zone for the next business play.
  • It can increase your emotional intelligence, giving you more patience and control over your emotions.
  • It can help you make calculated choices instead of succumbing to reactionary decisions.
  • It can help you achieve your goals; research shows that you’re more productive when you’re mindful.

Tools for a Sober and Successful Life
At Providence, we offer clients an Aftercare Integration Program (AIS) designed to give them the tools to manage their emotional, physical and spiritual health as they return to their careers. To find out more, call today: (866) 247-3307


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