What Are the Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic?

Man exhibiting clear signs of being a functioning alcoholic

Alcohol is one of the most devastating addictions in our country. Yet, it doesn’t always get the proper coverage necessary. Of course, everyone is familiar with the opioid epidemic, and we give that a great deal of attention. However, people with alcohol use disorder may slide under the radar, especially if they are a functioning alcoholic.

People may tend to downplay alcohol abuse because alcohol is legal to purchase if you’re over the age of 21. For this reason, it’s sometimes difficult to see the signs of alcoholism if you are high functioning. However, the rate of alcohol-related deaths is higher than that of even opioids, so it is worth looking at this issue closer.

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

A person who is a functioning alcoholic may appear fine on the surface. They may keep up with their work and financial obligations. People may think that they just enjoy a social drink now and then. They may even be able to keep up relationships with loved ones and work associates. To the outsider, they may seem fine. Sometimes, close family members may suspect there is a problem, but not always. The functioning alcoholic could hide the problem by keeping a slight distance from others.

The person in question may not even realize they are a functioning alcoholic unless they know the alcoholism symptoms. Even then, many alcoholics are in denial. If you are a family member of someone who drinks, then knowing the signs of alcoholism is vital.

What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Some signs of alcoholism have to do with the amount of alcohol a person drinks. This is an indicator that there is a problem. It doesn’t matter if the person can keep things together if they are regularly drinking. The number of drinks daily for women is three and the number for men is four. However, some people may not drink every day but are still an alcoholic if they drink seven a week for women and fourteen a week for men. Therefore, a person may have a problem if they are getting drunk twice a week.

Other signs of a functioning alcoholic Include:

  • Struggle with personal relationships
  • End up getting drunk, but you hadn’t planned on it
  • Forget what happened during your drinking episode
  • Feel ashamed about drinking or try to hide it
  • Deny that you have a drinking problem and become angry if it’s mentioned
  • Have any legal issues that involve drinking

Hope for the Functioning Alcoholic

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