What are the Advantages of Sober Living in Early Recovery?

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Providence Treatment Tour dining roomMorning and evening mindfulness meditationThe disease of addiction requires a disciplined set of behaviors and attitudes to remain in remission. If you have completed a primary treatment course of treatment, then you know a few things already. Now it is the time to put those things you’ve learned into practice.  Some of the advantages of sober living in early recovery at Providence Treatment are:

  • Daily 12-Step meeting and fellowship
  • Engaging in a professional monitoring program 
  • Accountability to house staff, work colleagues/supervisors, sponsor and family
  • Taking time throughout the day for prayer and reflection
  • Giving back – some volunteer opportunity, charitable donation, etc. 
  • A commitment at a home group

Research shows that an alcoholic and addict needs ninety (90) days of a structured and supportive environment to increase the odds for a sustainable recovery. Committing to a 90-day stay at Providence Treatment House can assist the resident with a sober and supportive community of men, including house staff, who will understand the experience of early recovery.

Often, the family member and loved ones of an addict has not yet worked through their strong reactions and emotions in the short time the addict has spent in rehab. We’ve found that slowly reintegrating back into the family can be a very helpful way to ensure everyone has a voice and all can develop tools to adapt to the newness of recovery in the family.
If you, or a loved one is in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and sober living in Philadelphia, PA, please contact us today. We are here to consult, assist and point you in the right direction, even if it is not at Providence House. Call us today at (215) 834-7979.


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