Carrying Past Is Dangerous Venture In Recovery

Young man contemplates his addiction recovery

Carrying the past in our minds is a dangerous venture in recovery. Once there were two monks walking towards their monastery during a monsoon rainstorm. On the way, they met a woman who was nicely dressed for a party and needed to cross a road, which had become a small river. The one monk offered to pick up the woman and carry her to the other side of the road. She was very appreciative and thanked the monk. When the monks finally arrived to the monastery, days later, one monk scolded the other monk stating, “you know, as monks we should not be carrying women across roads.” The other monk replied, “I hear you, but it seems you’ve carried her in your mind for the past few days!”

Letting go is a practice that benefits everyone, but particularly those in recovery from addictions. The negative attention to detail (present and past) only serves to threaten your egoic self and demands a justifiable reaction to the other. Surrendering to a more compassionate presence and cultivating an understanding of the other is more adaptive and fosters spiritual growth.

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