What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit?

A man is glad he asked what is the disciplinary monitoring unit

Professional Health Monitoring Programs, or PHMP, are a way for people who struggle with substance abuse disorders to stay on track. With the right support and treatment, they can maintain their licensed, professional careers and begin medical treatment. However, what is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit, and how does it play a role in recovery? Explore this key part of the PHMP.

What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit?

A man is glad he asked what is the disciplinary monitoring unitSo what, exactly, is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit? More importantly, why should it matter to professionals living in Pennsylvania? The PHMP runs the DMU, and it is the part of the program that ensures participants are getting the help they need and staying on track.

The DMU is an incredible opportunity for individuals to protect their careers and get targeted treatment for substance abuse disorders. Rather than forcing doctors, pilots, nurses, or business executives to give up their careers because of an addiction, the DMU recommends treatment. It allows individuals to take the right steps and it offers a level of accountability that ensures compliance.

The DMU Makes Referrals

One of the first things that the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit does is make referrals. If a professional decides to join the Voluntary Recovery Program, then they are in a position to get help. However, it can sometimes be tough to know where to turn. After all, not all treatment centers offer the same level of care.

That’s where the DMU can step in. You might be wondering: What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit referral system like? Most importantly, the DMU refers clients to programs that are certified by the state for professionals. This makes it easier for clients to know that their treatment will benefit their journey to recovery.

Often, the initial referral from the DMU is for inpatient care. From then on, clients may wish to step down to outpatient programs or regular therapy sessions.

The DMU Ensures Compliance

As clients step away from 24/7 support, it then becomes increasingly important to ensure that they are staying sober. This is crucial for anyone, but it is especially vital when clients are heading back into the workforce to perform surgeries or fly airplanes. Of course, this is one of the jobs of the DMU.

The Disciplinary Monitoring Unit ensures that anyone participating in the program is maintaining their sobriety. Through laboratory testing, participants can confirm their adherence and continue with the journey to better health and greater happiness.

Adhering to DMU Terms at Providence Treatment

Providence Recovery offers addiction treatment for healthcare professionals in addition to professionals across a wide range of industries. Treatment can start with an inpatient program or go straight to outpatient support. Then, clients can comply with program requirements and complete laboratory testing as needed. Some of the many treatments and amenities available to clients include the following:

What is the Disciplinary Monitoring Unit? As a crucial part of the PHMP, the DMU ensures that participants get the right help and stay on track toward sobriety. At Providence Treatment in Media, Pennsylvania, you can adhere to DMU guidelines on the road to recovery. Call 866-247-3307 to take back control over your future.

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