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manic psychosis

Manic Psychosis Explained

Mania is a disruptive condition involving erratic behavior and an unusually high level of physical and mental activity. During a severe manic episode, you might ...
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988 mental health crisis hotline suicide hotline

988: New Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Last week, government officials gathered in Philadelphia to unveil 988: the nation’s new mental health crisis hotline. On Saturday, July 16th, people all over the ...
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international self-care day

International Self-Care Day

Self-care has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years, but it’s more than a passing fad. Self-care encompasses any healthy activity you do to ...
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why do people bully

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying doesn’t just happen in the schoolyard. Professionals can also experience bullying in the workplace. There are many reasons why people bully and there are ...
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healthcare workers

Psychological Stress Among Frontline Workers

Even during “normal” times, the stress felt by frontline workers can be tremendous. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, the psychological stress among frontline workers has ...
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how to relieve stress

How to Relieve Stress at Your Desk

Workplace stress is often associated with high-pressure careers such as those in emergency medicine, aviation, and law enforcement fields. Professionals who work in an office, ...
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burnout in physicians and pilots

Burnout in Physicians and Pilots

Professionals are under a lot of stress normally and their stress level has increased significantly over the past year and a half, during the pandemic. ...
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therapy for therapists

Do Therapists Go to Therapy? | Therapist for Therapists

Working as a professional in any industry has its challenges. Physicians, lawyers, and pilots each face a uniquely stressful day each time they go to ...
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chronic stress and addiction

Chronic Stress and Addiction

You live in a stressful world and you work in a stressful job. On top of all of that, the pandemic of the past year ...
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self-harm among professionals

Self-Harm Among Professionals | Self-Injury and Stress

Physicians, lawyers, and pilots in Philadelphia, in Hawaii, and across the country face challenges that come with the stress of their jobs every day. Some ...
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