Drug Alcohol Addiction Early Recovery In Philadelphia

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Too often, we are carrying negative perceptions, experiences and people in our minds in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and in our daily lives. It is “normal” to have a restless mind, but we can change that with a heightened sense of merely “what comes into view” without judgement and labeling. When we label things we establish some sort of authority or take on “the expert.” Even labeling ourselves negatively does not aid us in transforming into spiritually awakened people. Well, being an “expert” does not permit much room for change and enhancement. However, if you cultivate the practice of Beginners mind, then you are “open” to all possibilities. 
Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn describes Beginners Mind as a perspective of freshness in every moment. Seeing all things and people as if you were seeing them or it for the first time. We often like to see ourselves as “expert,” filling us with very few possibilities, since we already “know it.” Often we are stuck in our opinions, projections, feeling states, cycles of behaviors. In Beginners Mind, we approach people and things as open and perceptive minds that experience each moment as new and exciting!
For example, if you want to enhance the intimacy with your family, we often will feel shame and guilt about behaviors we’ve done in the past (which does not exist anymore, other than in your head!). Instead, see the person as new and behave today in a way that will foster intimacy. Shame does not foster intimacy!
At Providence Treatment, we are a premier drug and alcohol treatment center located in Philadelphia PA and we provide clinical and day treatment specializing in drug and alcohol addiction early recovery.

If you, or a professional you love is seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction, please call us today at (215) 834-7979. Thank you.

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