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Man who knows the benefits of outpatient treatment center Philadelphia offers

Benefits Of Outpatient Treatment Center Philadelphia

Alcohol and drug addiction cannot be tackled alone.  Like other diseases, it takes personal motivation to change, a greater understanding of the disease and seeking ...
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a man tries speaking with family about recovery

Tips for Talking With Family About Recovery

Addiction is a family disease and, especially in early recovery, the family system is often unstable. Strengthening that system and building a supportive network is ...
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a man who works while drinking is a high functioning alcoholic

Are You a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

You can be an alcoholic and lead an outwardly successful life. In fact, many high-level professionals fall under the category of what experts call a ...
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word cloud

Living Providence Value Of Accountability

What it means to you Accountability means we take personal responsibility and ownership for our actions, our decisions, and the effectiveness of our results. Something ...
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Providence Treatment front door

Providence Treatment Grand Opening In Philadelphia

Welcome to Providence Treatment Grand Opening! We are a small boutique, highly customized outpatient treatment program in Media, PA (a western suburb of Philadelphia) meeting the ...
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Woman who needs a drug alcohol addiction intervention in Philadelphia

Drug Alcohol Addiction Intervention in Philadelphia

Thousands of people each year participate in an activity that is designed to help their loved ones to face their alcohol or drug addiction. Most families feel ...
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Large brick building

Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

Dr. Olivier Amesisen, a French Cardiologist, alleges that his alcoholism was cured after he began taking a known muscle relaxant, Baclofen. He reports that after increasing the ...
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Just say no

Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Relapse Prevention in Philadelphia

Relapse occurs as a process, not an event. If we agree that relapse can occur at any time, but usually is preceded by a series ...
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Man plays guitar for family

Drug Alcohol Addiction Early Recovery In Philadelphia

Too often, we are carrying negative perceptions, experiences and people in our minds in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and in our daily ...
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Man picking apples in drug alcohol remission philadelphia

Drug Alcohol Remission Philadelphia

We spend a great deal of necessary attention given to “relapse prevention,” however we should spend more time working on strategies that assist to maintain ...
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