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We spend a great deal of necessary attention given to “relapse prevention,” however we should spend more time working on strategies that assist to maintain our remission from drug and alcohol addiction. One aspect of recovery is the remission of the disease of addiction, and like any other disease, requires behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual changes.

We have found 3 key points when discussing remission maintenance:
1) A motivation to healthy living. We see with any other chronic disease that the individual improves with their daily focus on healthy choices in diet, movement, interpersonal choices and a general outlook on life.
2) An openness to ongoing change and growth. To maintain remission we are required to take a daily inventory of our lives to ensure that old behaviors, attitudes and reactions are not creeping back and taking over. This may require a long term investment in therapy, other forms of treatment and doing things different than in the past.
3) Self efficacy. This entails your ability to believe that you can attain your goals and achieve some degree of personal achievement, serenity and contentment in your life. Self-efficacy can assist in the persistence needed to sustain your recovery and live in remission.

Overall, remission maintenance requires your full attention (just like using drugs and consuming alcohol required your full attention!).

At Providence Treatment, we have devoted staff, qualified and licensed individuals who can assist you in your early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at our treatment center in Philadelphia, PA.  Please give us a call today at (215) 834-7979 to inquire.

Recuperatio Primoris.

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