Seeking Recovery Help In Philadelphia

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There are 12 steps in the process of asking for help and they are:One of the major hurdles that individuals in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction struggle with is – developing a practice of asking for help when needed. In American society, and especially with professionals (e.g. physicians, executives, attorneys, etc.) asking for help from someone can be often difficult.

  1. Recognizing that you need help
  2. Be clear what you need help with
  3. Identify someone who can help you
  4. Recognize seeking help is not weak
  5. Bracket, or put aside your pride
  6. Ask for help!
  7. Include other caring and helpful people in the process
  8. Listen to your helper
  9. Have gratitude and thank your helper
  10. Consider helpers advice
  11. Put into practice some of the help offered
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help again

In early recovery, individuals often feel they have offended others and are unworthy of help from others, when in fact, those same individuals you may have offended would be willing to be part of a solution in your life. When a person helps you – you are giving them an opportunity to give to another person in need. When you choose to keep your problems to yourself, then others could be robbed the opportunity to assist and act in an altruistic manner.

As a premier drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia area, we at Providence Treatment has a specific program designed to assist our residents and patients with struggles of early recovery specifically moving out of isolation into sober activities that promotes a pro-social lifestyle.

If you, or a loved one is seeking support for your recovery, please contact us today for a consultation at (215) 834-7979.

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