Professional Outpatient Treatment Center Philadelphia

Woman smiles thanks to a professional outpatient treatment center Philadelphia offers

Providence Treatment is an effective, state-of-the-art and boutique outpatient treatment program for professionals (e.g. physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pilots, clergy, etc.) seeking recovery from impairment due to alcohol and drug addiction. We also evaluate and treat professionals with mental health illness such as depression, anxiety in all of its forms: PTSD, OCD, GAD and performance anxiety. In additional, we also provide men’s sober housing locally, in an exquisite Victorian home, while you are in treatment with us. We work with you as the patient, but also provide regular updates for your Boards, workplace superiors, etc., upon your request.

As a professional outpatient treatment center in Philadelphia, Providence Treatment intends to assist you in meeting your treatment goals and returning back to your profession and families with an improved look on life and work.  Providence Treatment’s staff provide best practice and empirically based interventions with your full and sustainable recovery in mind. All patients at Providence Treatment are professionally monitored during their course of treatment.

Providence Treatment is located in Media, a western suburb of Philadelphia, PA  and is easily accessed by car (with ample free parking), or minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport and major highways.

If you, or a professional you love is seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction, please call us today at (215) 834-7979. Thank you.

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