What is PHP?

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When researching substance abuse treatment options, you may become overwhelmed at the number of services that are available. Treatment options vary depending on your needs and the severity of your addiction. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are also commonly used to successfully treat addiction, but what is PHP?

Partial hospitalization programs are more intensive than all other outpatient programs, but a step down from inpatient treatment. They typically meet for at least 6 hours per day, between 5 and 7 days per week. Partial Hospitalization Programs offers evidence-based treatment, including extensive group therapy and individual counseling sessions. PHP can also assist with withdrawal. Many Partial Hospitalization Programs offer medically assisted detoxification and might even prescribe medications to help with withdrawal symptoms, while others are meant to provide aftercare following successful detox.

If you are wondering what is PHP, read below for a helpful guide about PHP and how it fits in with recovery.

What is PHP?

A partial hospitalization program offers the highest and most intense level of outpatient care. If you are wondering what is PHP, the reason might be because PHP is not as widely known as other types of treatment programs. Inpatient programs require a high level of supervision and a residential setting. This can be difficult for certain patients to acclimate to or fit into their professional lives.

In order to find an answer to your question of what is PHP, below are a few examples of what PHP typically offers:

PHP is highly structured, and activities are preplanned and scheduled. The structure helps create a routine which increases treatment outcomes and decreases stress. Partial hospitalization programs are a significant time commitment and program length is based on your needs. Some PHP’s last 7-10 days, while others may continue for several weeks.

The Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs can be a great way for working professionals to obtain a higher level of care while maintaining their career and continuing to work. After finding an answer for what is PHP, the next step is understating the benefits of PHP. While PHP is intensive therapy and treatment, it provides more free time and flexibility than inpatient programs. PHP puts you in contact with an experienced treatment team. They can help you receive intensive treatment. Yet with the comfort of being able to sleep in your own bed at night.

Partial hospitalization programs are more cost effective and less expensive than inpatient treatment, but still provides access to a hospital setting. You retain regular contact with medical professionals and therapeutic staff, including after hours support. Partial hospitalization programs can also put you in direct contact with community-based peer support resources, such as AA and NA meetings.

Finding the Right PHP

For working professionals, finding a substance abuse treatment program can be difficult because not all programs provide flexibility. If you have ever asked what is PHP, you may not have known that partial hospitalization programs provide a highly structured, yet flexible substance abuse treatment option. Therefore, if you don’t require the additional oversight provided by inpatient treatment or are looking for additional help following discharge from a detox center, partial hospitalization programs can be a great option. If you would like to know more about our services, including partial hospitalization programs catering to the needs of working professionals, contact us today at [Direct].

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