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Dr. Olivier Amesisen, a French Cardiologist, alleges that his alcoholism was cured after he began taking a known muscle relaxant, Baclofen. He reports that after increasing the dosage he began to experience increasing well-being and less cravings for alcohol binging. It is most interesting that Dr. Amesisen considers himself cured from his alcoholism and congratulates himself on changing his behaviors, which seemed to be driving him to an early grave! 

Can you “cure” addictions by taking pills? I’m sure that a pill could initiate chemically-driven changes that affect the brain and give you a sense of well-being and less likely to engage in self-destructive behaviors and thoughts. However, how can a pill assist you to make amends to those you have hurt during your binges? Can a pill heighten surrender and assist you with a spiritual awakening?  Can a pill transform you to be a different person and give back to others and help other alcoholics/addicts in their struggle for change and recovery?  

Well, the answer is a pill could help you chemically feel a certain way, but does not provide you with the energy and force to transform a character and fully embrace recovery!

Dr. Amesisen is not helping thousands of alcoholics by giving them the impression that all they need to do is to pop a pill! That is what brought many people into their addiction…thinking that a chemical, or substance would make all the dark secrets and painful memories to magically go away. 

The work of drug alcohol addiction recovery is hard and sometimes painful. There is no magic pill. Like having a goal for physical wellness, you need to increase your motivation and behaviors (e.g. working out, eating healthy, etc.). The path towards recovery may include some chemical interventions to assist with the cravings, but to transform yourself into a person who embraces recovery requires much, much more.

Providence Treatment is a premier drug and alcohol treatment center located in Media, western suburb of Philadelphia, PA and we offer specific drug alcohol addiction treatments with a variety of professional lenses that assist our clients with a deeper understanding of the possible causes of their addictions as well as treatment to assist them to move forward towards a sustainable recovery.  In addition to our clinical services, Providence Treatment also offers a day treatment which is an excellent environment that promotes sustainable recovery.

If you, or a loved one is seeking support for your recovery, please contact us today for a consultation at (215) 834-7979.


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