Intensive Family Therapy Activities

Therapist walks a couple through family therapy activities

Upon entering addiction rehab, you receive an individualized treatment plan. This plan includes a mix of therapies designed to help you build strong recovery. Some of the most essential parts of this plan are your family therapy activities. These activities help you as well as your family to work on long term problems and find better ways of relating to each other.

Do We Need Family Therapy?

Your family suffered in addiction, just like you suffered from your own substance abuse. Your relationships strained due to poor communication, different points of view, and problems like enabling, isolation and codependency. But your family can heal and work together for a better future. Intensive family therapy in Philadelphia brings this healing and helps you reconnect with the people you love most.

As part of daily living, families experience varying degrees of closeness. But your family is your best resource for support, caring, and protection. When you have strife in the group, individual members can suffer isolation, anger, depression, and sadness. Through quality family therapy activities, you bring your family back together for better unity and cohesion.

In addiction treatment, your licensed family therapist examines your family’s needs for therapy before creating a plan to address those needs. This therapy is usually not needed for a long period of time. But even families with serious strife can heal through intensive family therapy activities.

Your therapy may include everyone in your household. Or it can consist of some extended relatives, friends who fulfill family roles, or just the family members who want to participate.

What Are Family Therapy Activities?

Family therapy activities include an endless number of creative methods and approaches. The most basic one is talk therapy, also called psychotherapy. Through talk therapy, your family learns to work as a unit to solve problems and also improve communication. You rebuild your bonds and create a healthier environment.

For example, some intensive family therapy activities include:

Structural Family Therapy (SFT)

Sessions of SFT focus on how the individuals in your family function together. The therapist examines your group structure, rules, roles, and hierarchy to understand why dysfunction exists. Then they help you develop tools and coping methods for healthier relationships.

Strategic Family Therapy

As one of the most used therapies for families, the therapist first observes how you interact with each other. They find the problems in your relationships, then guide you through discussion of these problems. The family sets goals and assigns each individual member tasks toward these goals.

Narrative Family Therapy

Each individual family member looks more objectively at the issues they face. The therapist encourages you to reduce family problems by working to change how these problems affect you as individuals.

Not all therapy involves sitting in chairs and talking to a counselor. Although talking usually plays a role in any family therapy, play, and activities also have their place. Through fun activities, your family can improve communication and build trust.

Does Family Therapy Work as Part of Addiction Treatment?

Family therapy helps you achieve the healthy recovery you want. At the same time, you need an array of programs and therapies to help yourself put substance abuse behind you.

For example, these programs and therapies include:

  • Outpatient, PHP, and IOP rehab programs
  • Treatment for professionals
  • Trauma therapy
  • Intensive family therapy
  • Mindfulness and non-dualistic meditation
  • Psychological testing and lab monitoring
  • Interventions, aftercare and sober living

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