What is Holistic Therapy?

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When someone enters rehab, the staff’s inclination is to put its entire focus on the client’s addiction. Before the modern age of addiction treatment, that meant the focus stayed on detox and basic therapy. We live in a time when the addiction treatment community has grown a bit. They now realize that standard treatment methods don’t assure the best results. With that in mind, the modern-day treatment facility is focusing more on evidence-based therapy as well as holistic therapy. The following sections will address the question, “What is holistic therapy.”

What is Holistic Therapy?

The holistic definition encompasses many facets of treatment. The theory behind holistic therapy is there’s more than meets the eye when a client enters treatment. If treatment is to be effective, it has to address the whole individual and their overall well-being. As the holistic definition points out, the whole individual refers to the individual’s mental health, physical health, and spiritual well-being.

One of the critical covenants of holistic treatment is doctors should avoid using medicinal treatment whenever possible. Instead of using drugs to treat drug addiction, it makes more sense to use the client’s mind and soul for healing. That entails teaching the client to get in touch with their innermost self to better understand their issues. Once they understand their issues, they can use their minds and bodies to fight back against their addiction.

Common Holistic Therapy Options

After gaining knowledge about what is holistic therapy, there’s a basis for applying what people consider to be the best holistic therapy options. It’s noteworthy that a lot of these options require the client to learn to relax and focus. They need to learn to get out of their head and into their mind and soul. How would someone do that? The answer is through one or more of the following most common holistic therapy options:

  • Art therapy – artistic endeavors prompt focus and relaxation
  • Music therapy – promotes relaxation
  • Acupuncture therapy – helps with relaxation and offers solutions for physical problems
  • Massage Therapy – see acupuncture therapy
  • Mindfulness therapy – using the mind to deal with negative thoughts that cause negative actions

It’s noteworthy that these are just a few of dozens of holistic therapy options a therapist could have at their disposal.

Providence Treatment – Elite Addiction Treatment

From our Media, PA treatment facility, we offer Philadelphia holistic addiction treatment as well as evidence-based treatment. Our clientele is comprised mostly of business professionals who have very little time to waste on treatment options that don’t work. They demand a level of treatment that gives them the confidence to move forward with their busy lives without addiction. To that end, here’s a partial list of our services:

As you contemplate where to get treatment for your addiction, you might want to consider facilities that offer holistic therapy. What is holistic therapy? You can contact our Providence Treatment facility at [direct] at which time we’ll be happy to discuss all of our treatment options.

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