3 Surprising Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Man going through marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Just because a drug originates as a natural plant doesn’t make it harmless. Some people don’t consider marijuana a dangerous substance like they do cocaine. While marijuana may not have the same devastating effects as heroin addiction, users may still suffer marijuana withdrawal symptoms when they stop smoking it.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

While some people don’t believe marijuana is harmful in any way since it comes from nature, it’s still possible to become dependent on the drug. Some users smoke every day, greatly increasing the likelihood of developing an addiction and having marijuana withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly quit.

When marijuana use begins to interfere with your daily life and you can’t stop using it even in the face of negative consequences, that signals a serious problem. You may need addiction treatment to help you break free of the cycle of using, especially if you abuse other substances alongside it.

Three Surprising Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Any time the body grows dependent on a substance, it reacts when that substance is no longer there. The effects of withdrawal differ depending on the drug and how long a person used it. People who regularly use marijuana may be surprised to learn about withdrawal symptoms from abruptly quitting.

Three marijuana withdrawal symptoms you might not expect include:

  • Flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fever, and chills
  • Weight changes, including gaining or losing weight
  • Depression

It’s possible that you had depression before marijuana abuse set in and using only made your depression worse. It’s also possible that facing life without the cover of a drug depresses you. In this case, it’s important to seek help if you continue to feel depressed. Dual diagnosis treatment as part of marijuana addiction treatment can address both a mental health disorder and addiction at the same time.

Within a week of quitting marijuana, you’ll feel these effects, along with being irritable and anxious. For someone who smoked marijuana for years, it can feel very strange not having that daily hit anymore. However, by starting a rehab program, you can experience a healthier life, free of substance abuse of any kind.

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