Man showing 7 signs indicating need for drug alcohol addiction treatment

7 Signs Indicating Need For Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment

You know many people who drink, smoke and use…why aren’t they thinking about getting help? They may be reacting by stating, “why is everyone on my case?” or “I just want to be left alone!” Drug and alcohol addiction is a killer, please do not hesitate in getting treatment today (for you or someone you love). Below are 7…

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Providence Treatment Grand Opening In Philadelphia

Welcome to Providence Treatment Grand Opening! We are a small boutique, highly customized outpatient treatment program in Media, PA (a western suburb of Philadelphia) meeting the needs of professionals and their families seeking addiction recovery and behavioral health treatment.   Providence Treatment provides programming that is state-of-the-art, best practices and integrating the body, mind and spirit…

Woman who needs a drug alcohol addiction intervention in Philadelphia

Drug Alcohol Addiction Intervention in Philadelphia

Thousands of people each year participate in an activity that is designed to help their loved ones to face their alcohol or drug addiction. Most families feel hopeless with a child, parent, nephew, spouse, partner, or co-worker who appears to refuse to change their behaviors and creating chaos at home, work and in their relationships. An intervention (made famous by A&E’s…

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Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

Dr. Olivier Amesisen, a French Cardiologist, alleges that his alcoholism was cured after he began taking a known muscle relaxant, Baclofen. He reports that after increasing the dosage he began to experience increasing well-being and less cravings for alcohol binging. It is most interesting that Dr. Amesisen considers himself cured from his alcoholism and congratulates himself on changing his behaviors,…

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Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Relapse Prevention in Philadelphia

Relapse occurs as a process, not an event. If we agree that relapse can occur at any time, but usually is preceded by a series of changed behaviors and thought shifts (many times weeks, or months prior to engaging in the substance), then we have a greater period of time and a broader array of…

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Drug Alcohol Addiction Early Recovery In Philadelphia

Too often, we are carrying negative perceptions, experiences and people in our minds in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and in our daily lives. It is “normal” to have a restless mind, but we can change that with a heightened sense of merely “what comes into view” without judgement and labeling. When we…

Man picking apples in drug alcohol remission philadelphia

Drug Alcohol Remission Philadelphia

We spend a great deal of necessary attention given to “relapse prevention,” however we should spend more time working on strategies that assist to maintain our remission from drug and alcohol addiction. One aspect of recovery is the remission of the disease of addiction, and like any other disease, requires behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual…

Woman smiles thanks to a professional outpatient treatment center Philadelphia offers

Professional Outpatient Treatment Center Philadelphia

Providence Treatment is an effective, state-of-the-art and boutique outpatient treatment program for professionals (e.g. physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pilots, clergy, etc.) seeking recovery from impairment due to alcohol and drug addiction. We also evaluate and treat professionals with mental health illness such as depression, anxiety in all of its forms: PTSD, OCD, GAD and performance anxiety.…

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Seeking Recovery Help In Philadelphia

There are 12 steps in the process of asking for help and they are:One of the major hurdles that individuals in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction struggle with is – developing a practice of asking for help when needed. In American society, and especially with professionals (e.g. physicians, executives, attorneys, etc.) asking for…