What Does Success in Sobriety Look Like?

For many people struggling with addiction, substance and alcohol use is misinterpreted as a crutch. Though it might feel initially like that crutch is helpful, it quickly becomes the thing that most hinders them. Without help, addictions overrun a person’s life, leading to personal and professional catastrophe. It’s only after becoming sober that someone realizes…

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma Group

Providence Treatment will be hosting a weekly peer facilitated group to assist individuals in recovery through the lens of Buddhist principles and teachings. The group is called Recovery Dharma. Recovery Dharma believes that the traditional Buddhist teachings, often referred to as the Dharma, offer a powerful approach to healing from addiction and living a life…

Man talks to therapist about his opioid withdrawal symptoms

Dealing with Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s commendable that you are considering getting help for your opioid addiction. As you may or may not be aware, a little bit of danger lurks as you make the decision to stop using your drug of choice. The medical and addiction treatment professions call this danger opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, we don’t share this…

Therapist explains common DBT techniques to his clients

Common DBT Techniques

For decades, addiction treatment consisted of standard individual and group counseling programs. It was a rather simple approach to treatment, one that consistently led to high relapse rates. In the last ten years, we have seen the addiction treatment community move towards a more sophisticated approach to treatment. Therapists are now turning more towards evidence-based…